Assembly phone ban comes into effect

The Upper School Deans announced a new cell phone policy regarding student cell phone use during assemblies following an increase in student distraction during a presentation by Director of Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts Michael Govan on March 20. Students will be monitored for their cell phone use during future assemblies and cellular […]

Rule restricts phones to outdoors

By Nicki Resnikoff Cell phones will not be banned on campus this year as had been planned; however, the rule that cell phones may not be used for texting or talking in school buildings, including halls and the cafeteria, will be enforced more strictly. The policy banning all use of cellular phones, approved by FAC […]

FAC votes to ban cell phone use

By Lucy Jackson The Faculty Academic Committee passed a proposal last Tuesday banning student cell phone use during the school day, said Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra, who sits in on FAC meetings. The proposal, if approved by Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts, will go into effect next year, he said. “We did discuss […]

New exam policy clamps down on presence of cell phones in testing rooms

By Ashley Halkett Students have been asked to leave cell phones in their lockers or cars during final exams to enforce a stricter anti-cheating policy.  The administration announced at the faculty meeting April 13 that there would be new guidelines regarding the use of cell phones in testing rooms. If a student can’t use a […]

Rugby teachers intensify cell phone rule enforcement

By Shayna Freisleben Teachers in Rugby have been strictly enforcing the cell phone rule over the past few weeks, posting warning signs throughout the building and threatening cell phone confiscation. The intensification of cell phone enforcement was caused by the increase in cell phone use in the hall, disrupting English classes and breaking the pre-existing […]

Environmental club recycles cell phones, ink cartridges

By Julie Barzilay The Environmental Club is collecting used cell phones, old batteries and used ink cartridges. When discarded improperly, batteries and cell phones can release harmful toxins. Everything collected will be recycled by the company EcoPhones. Donors receive $10 per phone, which the Environmental Club will use to finance tree planting.  Donations can be […]