This won’t always be a drill

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency? It might seem like an obvious question. After all, we’ve all run through fire drills and earthquake drills and lockdown drills since elementary school, to the point that “stop, drop and roll” has become routine. The problem is, though, actual emergencies — those […]

Teachers hike Hollywood

More than 25 teachers from both the Middle and Upper School toured celebrity homes and hotspots on a hike in the Hollywood Hills Saturday, Oct. 12. Upper school math teacher Bill Thill led the trip, accompanied by his friend William Miltenberger, a guide from Bikes and Hikes LA. “Last year, we ran a smaller hike […]

Your shutdown rundown: what you need to know

You’ve probably heard a lot about the debt ceiling and the shutdown in recent weeks, but it’s admittedly pretty hard to understand the complex fiscal policies and decisions of the United States. So, I’ve assembled a handy FAQ for all your shutdown information needs. Why is there a government shutdown? Basically, Congress didn’t pass a […]

Don’t wait for Career Day

At one of the countless colleges I visited, the tour guide described the university’s engineering school. I was pretty tuned out, thinking I would never need to know what it offered since I had no interest in the field. He then outlined the annual project where engineers solve a real-life problem — in this example, […]

Seniors in SSR to design, conduct individual scientific experiments

In a few weeks, they’ll enter the lab wearing protective safety goggles, gloves and rubber lab coats, taking every possible precaution. Drip by drip, they’ll mix a compound with acid, but if they move too fast, the dangerous mixture will explode. Mac Colquhoun ’14 and Andrew Friedman ’14 will brave the hazards of the reaction […]

Students attend first Civitalks meetings

Students and faculty played ice breaker games and participated in discussions from current events topics to upperclassmen giving advice and tips to underclassmen in the first Civitalks meetings today. The program, in which groups of 18 students of mixed grades meet with two to three faculty members, aims to build community by discussing school and […]

New signs ask students to clean up after themselves in quad

New signs on the quad tables read, “Please help Gregorio keep our quad clean. Pick up after yourself. Thank you.” in a further effort to prevent student littering. Gregorio Hernandez, a member of the maintenance department, cleans up trash left on the quad and around campus. This is the fourth sign Head of School Audrius […]

Sophomores watch pilot online ethics course

Sophomores watched an online video course about character and values during the summer to prepare for their Choices and Challenges class this year. The video series, Optimal Living 101, is the school’s first entry into web-based education and complements the curriculum of the required 10th grade class on personal development. Assistant to the Head of […]

Provide more opportunities for the study of humanities

I did not spend my summer working in a lab at UCLA, but that doesn’t mean what I did with my time was worthless. If you’re passionate about the sciences and you work as a research assistant, that’s fantastic. Every summer, my classmates are injecting rats’ eyeballs at USC or in an internship program at […]

Administration to establish community building discussions

Small groups of students and faculty will gather to discuss community issues and events seven times this year as part of the new Civitalks program. Each section of 18 students will “come together and discuss matters of importance to our community,” Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said. The first Civitalks meetings will take place […]