Colleges push back early deadlines

More than two dozen colleges extended their Early Action and Early Decision application deadlines in the face of potential East Coast power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy that would prevent students without access to a working computer from submitting their applications. Many of the extensions apply only to students living in areas affected by the storm. “These extensions […]

Corrupted camera chip requires photo retakes

A camera chip containing yearbook photos was corrupted last week, forcing yearbook staff  to arrange two make-up days last Monday Oct. 1 and Friday Oct. 5 so students could retake their pictures. The make-up days were also open to students who missed the original picture days due to confusion or absence. Yearbook editors-in-chief Emily Persky […]

You should care about healthcare

During this election season, there’s been a lot of discussion about Obamacare, Romneycare, the Affordable Care Act, healthcare and Medicare. And at this point, it is likely you don’t care. Why should you? Maybe you think Medicare is for old people so it doesn’t matter. Maybe you don’t know the difference between Medicare, Medicaid, and […]

New SAT security procedures to start

The College Board implemented new security procedures that require students taking the SAT to complete a four-step identification check before they can be admitted to the test. The new protocol will be enforced starting at the Oct. 6 SAT next Saturday. When registering for the SAT online, students must upload a photo for their admission […]

A call to inaction

Halfway through a summer Netflix marathon, I thought I really should be tackling that list of books my dean gave me instead. Rather than lying there and letting my brain cells rot, I should be doing something productive. This pattern repeated itself every time I watched Very Mary-Kate on or clicked through my friends’ […]

Copses Family Aquatic Center opens, practices begin in Olympic-sized pool

The newly-completed Copses Family Aquatic Center opened on Monday, Aug. 27. Varsity water polo has been practicing in the pool since it opened Aug. 27. with a celebratory “first swim” ceremony, followed by the first day of water polo practice. President Tom Hudnut wore swimming goggles to address parents, trustees and donors on the pool […]

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