Rethinking AP exams

With most of the U.S. beginning to enact strict social distancing orders due to COVID-19, the College Board announced in late March that it would administer all 2020 Advanced Placement exams online. Perhaps due to the rapid turnaround between the president’s lighthearted predictions and the shutdown of society, the first announcement seemed to surprise the […]

Commons addresses college cheating scandal

No parent of a student or graduate has been charged in the recent college admission cheating scandal, President Rick Commons announced in an email sent to the school community March 18. “The LA Times has reported that one of the indicted parents had a child who attended Harvard-Westlake,” Common said in the email. “That student […]

Disciplinary process to be streamlined

As part of his increased duties this year, Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church will oversee all disciplinary decisions and Honor Board cases. In the previous system, teachers or coaches could decide how to handle first offense minor infractions. Upper school deans and Head of Upper School Laura Ross also dealt with disciplinary measures […]

Redefining the route to success

No month is complete without an email from Chaplain James Young with the subject, “Recent honor board cases.” I’ll usually take a minute to scan through the cases, often much of the same: a copied lab report or a project two students collaborated on too much. Nothing really surprises me but I always read on. […]

Cheating the System

Cheating the System

Every time Rodney* ’19 received an essay assignment in his sophomore English class, he would go home and share the prompt with his tutor, who would write the essay in front of him on his own computer while only sometimes asking Rodney for his input. “I got worse [in English last year] because I stopped […]

Series of lab collaborations result in honor board cases, Prefect Council warns of consequences

After three separate cases of a total of seven students collaborating on the “conclusion” section of lab reports, Prefect Council released information on recent honor board cases to help students learn from others’ mistakes. In all cases, students received a zero on the assignment, apologized to the involved teacher and were warned that future offenses […]

Turning a blind eye to cheating

Turning a blind eye to cheating

Stacey ’16* “didn’t want to be a snitch.” In her eighth period class, the statement on the wall reads, “I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment.” Stacey looks up at the clock to see two minutes left for the quiz when she feels the heat of a gaze from her right. […]