Breaking the Mold

Breaking the Mold

As Sophia Nuñez ’20 prepared to cheer for a basketball game, she put on her crisp, red uniform and tightened the laces on her pristine white tennis shoes. While a ponytail and bow were usually required as part of the school cheerleading uniform, Nuñez simply ran her fingers through her short, buzz-cut hair. Being a […]

Sports teams fundraise for charities

To give back to the larger community, some sports teams have started fundraising campaigns, raising thousands of dollars to benefit cancer patients and research. Others have started an effort to raise funds for the Los Angeles homeless population. “I think it’s important for student athletes to do community service projects because it reminds us that […]

How about a little respect?

After three hours of a summer practice, I’m sweaty, bruised and have gone to see trainer Milo Sini about getting my wrist wrapped at least twice. My teammates and I have gone through 7 a.m. morning runs, hours of sit-ups and countless burpees. Like many other varsity athletes, we dedicate our after-school and many weekend […]

Homecoming brings hundreds together

The Fanatics hosted a spirit assembly at the end of Spirit Week to prepare for Homecoming weekend. The assembly consisted of dunk contests, sumo wrestling, and cheerleading.

Teachers run, prepare for future marathons

By Lauren Choi and Sammy Roth   Chemistry teacher Krista McClain is an ambitious runner. She runs five days a week on average, and every day is a different workout. When she is in good shape she runs three to six miles during the week and eight to 12 miles on weekends. “I only run […]