A Need for Nicotine: Teenage Nicotine Addiction

A Need for Nicotine: Teenage Nicotine Addiction

For three months during her sophomore year, Billie* ’20 couldn’t get through a 45 minute period without vaping. What started out as a small desire she would satisfy sporadically throughout the week quickly escalated into a need to use her Juul when she woke up, while she was in the car, between passing periods and […]

Masks of Plastic

After waiting for more than an hour in line to enter the FYF Fest music festival, Kurt* ’15 headed straight for the restricted, 21-and-over beer garden. He approached the bouncer, pulled out his fake New York state identification card from his back pocket, and presented it. The bouncer examined the card under a flashlight and […]

Lighting Up

As she pulls up to a stoplight, Miley* ’13 pulls a cigarette from her lips and puffs smoke rings out her car window. It’s a skill she mastered after weeks of practicing. She smoked her first cigarette at a party out of curiosity, and hasn’t looked back since. Her ex-boyfriend, a heavy smoker, only increased […]