Making history: Teachers analyze Civil War documents

Middle and upper school history teachers participated in Professional Development Day April 9 at the Huntington Library in San Marino to improve their teaching skills as a department and examine historical documents from the Civil War. The Huntington Library contains 15,922 Civil War telegrams between Abraham Lincoln, his Cabinet and officers of the Union Army. […]

Civil War expert discusses influence of slavery on the war

University of Richmond President Edward Ayers spoke to students about the emancipation of slaves and the Civil War, which he described as “two great mysteries that lie in the heart of U.S. history,” in Taper Gymnasium Oct. 30. Slavery was so economically desirable that some states were unwilling to give it up, Ayers told students. […]

College president to discuss Civil War

The president of the University of Richmond will speak on the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and emancipation of slaves at an upper school assembly Oct. 30 in Taper Gymnasium. The speech is part of University of Richmond President and professor Edward Ayers’s national tour on the subject. Before becoming president of the University of […]