A Big Request: Teacher Recommendation Letters

A Big Request: Teacher Recommendation Letters

When Luke Rowen ’19 first picked up a deck of “Magic: The Gathering” cards as a junior in math teacher Andy Stout’s Design and Data Structures class, he was not thinking about college recommendations. One month later, when he traveled with Stout and other members of the Magic Club to Phoenix for the Grand Prix, […]

School to start after Labor Day

By Daniel Rothberg The 2011-2012 school year will begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. The start date falls on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday, as is typically the case, to account for a day lost during a planned three-day weekend in October. The long weekend in October, […]

Stand by the Honor Board

In the past few years, the administration has steadily reduced the influence of the Honor Board through policy changes and their handling of several recent Honor Code violations. The administration’s readiness to bypass the board undermines its purpose and comes at a serious detriment to the student body. Two years ago, the administration reduced the […]