Commons addresses college cheating scandal

No parent of a student or graduate has been charged in the recent college admission cheating scandal, President Rick Commons announced in an email sent to the school community March 18. “The LA Times has reported that one of the indicted parents had a child who attended Harvard-Westlake,” Common said in the email. “That student […]

Slipping Through the Safety Net: Students deal with lower acceptance rates at universities

Slipping Through the Safety Net: Students deal with lower acceptance rates at universities

Lucy* ’18 sat with her friend in a near-empty McDonald’s, silently sipping her drink. As she refreshed her email, her heart sank. The word “rejection” flashed across the screen, informing her that she had just been denied from her dream school. “I felt really disappointed and confused,” Lucy said. “I was just thinking, ‘why, why, […]

Seniors apply to schools early, reach more than last year

Seniors applied to colleges early action and decision by Nov. 15 in usual numbers, deans said. Roughly 95 percent of seniors applied early to at least one college, including early action schools, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo said. “I think there was a coalescing around the usual suspects, the same ten or fifteen colleges,” Cuseo […]

130 students miss community service deadline

Approximately 130 students who missed the May 6 community service deadline this year were granted an extension until May 28 to complete their requirement. Seniors who fail to complete a half day of community service in a group of at least three other Harvard-Westlake students will not receive a diploma at graduation and their transcripts […]

Hudnut to lead WASC evaluation at the Taipei American School

By Jack Goldfisher President Thomas C. Hudnut will head a Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation committee in Taiwan later this month. The committee will tour Taipei American School and evaluate the school’s quality under guidelines set forth by WASC. In November, Hudnut visited Taipei American School, and his goals were to “examine all […]

Hudnut to chair WASC committee in Taipei

By Judd Liebman President Tom Hudnut will head a Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation committee in Taiwan and will make a pre-visit to Taipei American School in early November. “I’ve chaired probably 15 or 20 visiting committees, but never out of this country,” Hudnut said. The goal of the visit in November is […]

56 skip school for Coachella

By Mary Rose Fissinger Sixty students took advantage of the administration’s decision to allow students to take an excused absence with parental consent to attend the Coachella Music Festival. Of the 60 students, a few attended morning classes and then left early. As of 3 p.m. Friday, 798 classes had been missed, and that number […]

School to start after Labor Day

By Daniel Rothberg The 2011-2012 school year will begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. The start date falls on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday, as is typically the case, to account for a day lost during a planned three-day weekend in October. The long weekend in October, […]

Deans end spring break college tour to Northeast, add tour to South

By Saj Sri-Kumar The school will not be running a college tour for juniors to the northeastern states this spring break. Upper School Dean Jon Wimbish said that the school elected to run a tour through the Midwest, nicknamed the Bison Tour, and one through the South, nicknamed the Spider Tour, instead of one tour […]

Too early to tell

  By Rebecca Nussbaum As early applications are being submitted, college is a main topic of conversation on campus. The seniors’ energy has changed noticeably over the past six months. The then juniors returned from their spring break college tours sporting sweatshirts from their favorite schools, excited about the prospect of attending any one of […]