High Stakes: Placing their early bets

Third in our "High Stakes" series examining the college application process during senior year.

High Stakes: Placing their early bets

The Brain: Although Austin* ’16 planned to apply Early Decision to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, he decided against it because it seemed “very limiting and [he] wasn’t sure it was [his] first choice.” Austin struggled with his decision for a while but eventually decided not to waste an opportunity to apply early. “In the […]

Senior catcher commits to Columbia

Matt Karo ’14, catcher for the boys’ baseball team, has committed to continue playing at Columbia University in New York City.  Karo, who has been playing baseball since he was 6 at West Los Angeles Little League, is focused on finishing his final season off strong for the Wolverines. “It is a very stressful and […]

Midori Goto'€™s studio at USC accepts senior

By Spencer Gisser Jack McFadden-Talbot ’09 was accepted into Midori Goto’s music studio at USC. Goto, the chair of the string department at the USC Thornton School of Music, currently teaches eight students in her studio. Jack McFadden-Talbot ’09 was awarded a Presidential Scholarship from the University of Southern California. The Presidential Scholarship, which covers […]