Being sick is hard enough

By Michael Rothberg Anyone who has ever been sick knows that it’s not easy. Even the common cold has the ability to make one’s daily routine into a miserable fight. The near constant nose-blowing, sneezing and coughing makes it difficult to do much of anything besides sleep. Combined with the focus and critical analysis demanded […]

Rishi Bagrodia '12

1. If you are running for the Head Prefect Position and do not win will you also run for Senior Class Prefect? If not, why? Yes. 2. What makes you feel that you are qualified for the position? Please describe any leadership experiences you’ve had, if applicable. As a Sophomore and Junior Prefect, I feel […]

Culture Shock

By Jordan Freisleben and Lauren Seo As he unbuckles his seatbelt, Gavin Cook ’10 reaches for his wallet. Looking up, he is slightly surprised to see his mother get out of the driver’s seat, instead of the taxi driver waiting for him to pay. With a slight smile, he realizes he’s not in China anymore. […]