School websites safe from Heartbleed bug

Internet security experts have found a major security bug, Heartbleed, that allowed people to access users’ connection to secure websites and obtain their secure information. The bug now has a patch, though sites still have to implement it. David Ruben, head of Harvard-Westlake Computer Services, sent an advisory to faculty and staff Thursday saying the […]

Computer network shutdown was malicious, school finds

By Saj Sri-Kumar The attack that brought down the school’s computer system on Tuesday, April 26 was malicious, Computer Services has found. A denial-of-service attack was performed at around 9:30 a.m., Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben said. The attack was run by one or more computers connected to the Wi-Fi network that was set up […]

Change in e-mail system to protect student privacy

By Maddy Baxter In order to protect the privacy of students and update the school’s software, a new e-mail system has been implemented, Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben said. All student e-mail addresses have changed except for the senior class’s (in order to avoid confusion when contacting colleges). Instead of the style email, […]

Computer services revamps school website

By Claire Hong Members of computer services have been working on remodeling the Harvard-Westlake website for nearly a year. However, the changes were not made until this summer so that the whole website could be changed at once, instead of section by section. Nearly 15,000 pages have been updated and new functions added to make […]

Student discovers how to hack school server

A sophomore boy served an in-house suspension early last month after he posted instruction on how to crack the school’s server onto what the school called a “hacking website” over the summer, he said. “He claims that he wanted to see if it was possible to do this so that he could inform us of […]

Stop web blocks

In the last two years, Computer Services has increased the number of web pages that are blocked to students. This action shows a lack of faith in students and their maturity.If we can be trusted to police ourselves under the precepts of the Honor Code, we should have the freedom to search the Internet at […]

Student e-mail returns

 By Annie Belfield and Max Rifkind-BarronStarting today, school-wide e-mail service will once again be availible to students. A school based e-mail service will replace last years’ based system, according to Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben. Ruben cited poor reliablity as the main reason for terminating the company’s contract. The new system will: Be […]