Striking a Chord

Striking a Chord

Sitting at her desk, violinist Clara Ross ’19 read over her schedule for her next school year, realizing that she had to make an important decision that could define her Harvard-Westlake career: choosing between orchestra and debate. An eighth grader at the time, Ross sat in frustration as she weighed her two options. Ultimately, she […]

Bridging the Campus Gap

Harvard-Westlake’s unique division of middle and high school into two vaguely connected three-year chunks is accompanied by many advantages, but sometimes it feels like students on the opposite campus might as well attend an entirely different school. Steps could easily be taken to bridge the gap between the two campuses so as to retain their […]

Jazz bands perform at Italian restaurant

By Ariane Lange The Advanced Jazz Combo and the Jazz Explorers took the stage at a Studio City Italian restaurant last Sunday. The groups sandwiched a set performed by jazz teacher Shawn Constantino’s four-piece band. “It really expedites the learning of jazz when students see professionals play and play side-by-side with professionals,” Constantino said when […]