Change in e-mail system to protect student privacy

By Maddy Baxter In order to protect the privacy of students and update the school’s software, a new e-mail system has been implemented, Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben said. All student e-mail addresses have changed except for the senior class’s (in order to avoid confusion when contacting colleges). Instead of the style email, […]

Waking up to a new schedule

On Wednesday, at least 800 alarm clocks sounded, prompting more than 800 Harvard-Westlake upper school students to roll out of bed, bleary-eyed and tired. For most of those students, it will be the first time in roughly three months that their alarm clock rang at such an early hour, or went off at all. Things […]

New exam policy clamps down on presence of cell phones in testing rooms

By Ashley Halkett Students have been asked to leave cell phones in their lockers or cars during final exams to enforce a stricter anti-cheating policy.  The administration announced at the faculty meeting April 13 that there would be new guidelines regarding the use of cell phones in testing rooms. If a student can’t use a […]

High Stakes: Episode 5

By Ali Pechman Waiting, Accepted, Denied: all college applicants belong to one category by this point in their college search, along with the three seniors being tracked for High Stakes. Raquel was accepted to Parsons School of Design, one of only two schools on her college list. After some confusion over when she would receive […]