Building His Own Experience

Building His Own Experience

Beyond the backyard of the Anschell family’s house, there’s a steep dirt hill. Most kids would avoid this area, maybe explore it a bit, but largely keep out. Not Jonah Anschell ’23. When he first looked at the plot of land, he said he saw an opportunity to build. Now, a small house stands there, […]

Construction continues on storage container

A new storage container is being installed by the track around Ted Slavin Field, which will store cross country and track aerobic cross-training equipment. When complete, there will be lighting and power in the container, and the front end will be fitted with a roller door for easy access to the track. Cross country team […]

Martial Arts clubs to sponsor construction

Six martial arts clubs and teams will propose a renovation to Hamilton Gym to administrators later this month to accommodate a larger space for the groups to practice. After fencers and Boxing Club co-leaders Abner Benitez ’18 and Charles Connon ’18 noticed that there was an unused storage space in the gym last spring, they […]

Construction work closes Upper St. Michaels

Juniors with parking spots at Upper St. Michaels temporarily parked on the track Jan. 3-6 due to the repaving of the Avenida del Sol, which leads to the lot. “We were just being cautious to get our kids out of that area and relocate them for a short period of time,” Chief of Campus Operations […]

Geological survey begins on land for garage

Geotechnical engineers began conducting new borings on Harvard-Westlake’s property on the west side of Coldwater Canyon Monday. The school has been working to complete its environmental review to build a parking garage and playing field on the western property. Vice President John Amato told the school’s neighbors in a letter sent Friday that Los Angeles […]

Construction partially closes main entrance, to reopen in late March

Storm drain construction caused the closure of a section of the parking lot near the main entrance of the upper school campus. The construction began Monday, March 10 and is projected to finish during spring break. Students and parents were notified of the closure Friday, March 7 in an email from Director of Communication Jill […]

Main entrance partially closed for construction

A section of the main entrance to the Upper School campus will be closed for construction this week, Director of Communications Jill Shaw announced in an email Friday. The construction began today and is projected to finish by Friday, March 28. Drivers will be unable to immediately turn right after entering the main entrance to […]

Coldwater building may begin next year

Construction on a parking garage on the west side of Coldwater Canyon and a pedestrian bridge to the main entrance could begin by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Vice President John Amato said. In a letter to parents last week, Amato, who is the construction project spokesman, said the Upper School Parking Improvement […]

Coldwater closure for construction to end today

Coldwater Canyon has reopened to to traffic from both directions after a month-long closure, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced to the school. Although the street will be open at all times of the day, there will still be additional construction in the surrounding area. Student drivers, parents and faculty will no longer need […]