Boys’ volleyball falls to No. 1 Mira Costa in straight sets

Knowing the monster ahead of them following their first round win, the seniors on the boys’ volleyball team knew they had to call on desperate measures in desperate times. With the defending Division I CIF champions of Mira Costa staring across them on the other side of the net, the Wolverines wanted to look equally […]

Pianists perform four-hand rendition of 'Rite of Spring'

The Philosophy in Art and Science class hosted a recital of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” during first period on May 3 in Rugby Auditorium. The piece was performed four-hand by professional pianists Danny Holt and Steven Vanhauwaert, whom philosophy teacher Ted Walch knew through his involvement with the music group Jacaranda: Music At […]

Seniors’ SSR project captures footage of Earth from 80,000 feet

By Austin Block After almost three hours of searching, four seniors and a parent found the treasure: a large helium balloon attached to a video camera, heating pads and a cheap Boost Mobile cell phone.  About six and a half hours earlier and 53 miles away, they had launched the weather balloon, intending to capture […]

Senior art show to open next month

  By Rebecca Nussbaum and Lara Sokoloff Advanced Placement Studio Art and Advanced Drawing and Painting III students showcase their work in Feldman Horn Gallery as a culmination of their three years in the art department. The art has been on display since March 22, and the official opening will be held next month. Since […]

Make it better

by Cathi Choi My junior year English classroom pulsated with energy, fueled by intellectual curiosity and heated discussions that cracked open my adolescent shell. There I explored and understood how words are nothing but thwarted vessels of communication. “Love,” says Addie in “As I Lay Dying” is “just a shape to fill a lack.”’ It […]

Administration nixes plans for late school day

By Alexia Boyarsky Plans to start school 45 minutes late next Friday as the culmination of Sleep Week have been cancelled. The week was first suggested by the Sports Council two months ago to raise awareness for lack of sleep in teenagers. Student Athlete Advisory Council members Cathryn Quinn ’08 and Mary Amato ’08 organized […]