Loeb ’98 joins dance department

Ari Loeb ’98 will return to campus to work as a part-time dance instructor and assist with the production of dance shows. Loeb worked for Momix, a modern dance company, for five years, where he spent eleven months a year touring South America and Europe. Afterward, Loeb toured with a dance company called Pilobolus. Loeb […]

Sophomore named finalist in photo competition

By Maggie Bunzel Mazelle Etessami ’14 is a finalist in the National Scholastic Press Association’s National Photo of the Year Competition for a photo taken last year. The photo is of Donhem Brown ’14 at the teaser for the 2011 Dance Production performance, and was submitted by Spectrum adviser Steve Chae.  There were 1,047 entries […]

First winter concert held in new Bing Auditorium

By Jamie Kim Last Thursday’s winter instrumental music concert, “Welcome to the Bing,” was the first to be held in the Middle School’s new Bing Auditorium. For instrumentalists and listeners alike, the 850-seat venue was a welcome change from the creaking stairs and poor acoustics of Marshall Center, where performances have been held for more […]

Middle school Dance Productoin 'measures in love'

By Lauren Seo As the familiar opening chords of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent” played from the speakers of the Marshall Center, the 17 members of Dance Production turned on stage and began their annual concert last weekend. This year’s theme was “How Do You Measure…,” playing off the lyric from the […]