All That Jazz

On the second night of the Jazz Combo concert, six student bands played a variety of musical genres, ranging from John Coltrane to Radiohead to Carlos Santana to several original pieces composed by members of the Advanced Jazz Combo and Jazz Explorers. The concert was directed by Shawn Costantino and spanned two nights, with nine […]

Senior helps schools form radio stations

School radio station KHWS inspired students at four other schools to start their own school-wide radio stations in recent months. A mix of students and faculty from Oakwood, Brentwood, Marlborough, and Beverly Hills High School have worked with Sam Wolk ’13, a founding member of KHWS, to figure out how to navigate the technical skills […]

Jazz bands, teacher perform in first show

With dimmed lighting and the aroma of food permeating the restaurant, the Vibrato Grill buzzed with activity as the Harvard-Westlake Advanced Jazz combo and the Jazz Explorers stepped onto the stage. These students performed their first show of the year at the Vibrato Grill on Oct. 14. Reservations were required to attend the event. The […]