Rock on: Geology students travel to Death Valley

Rock on: Geology students travel to Death Valley

As the third of three separate trips this year, Geology and Geology Honors students traveled to Death Valley National Park from March 1-3 to further their knowledge about earth science. “The trip definitely helped me learn about geology because I was able to see the things in real life,” Geology student Lexie Warlick ’21 said. […]

Geology trip to Death Valley postponed due to rain

The second trip for all Geology and Geology Honors students has been postponed because of the rain forecasted for Friday. Instead of leaving school on the morning of Friday Feb. 28, students and teachers attending will leave on Saturday March 1 and return to Los Angeles the night of Monday March 3, which will cause them to […]

Geology students visit Death Valley

All students enrolled in the Geology and Geology Honors courses have already or will be traveling to Death Valley to get hands-on experience with geology. “I have seen real changes in my students after the trip,” Geology and Geology Honors teacher Wendy Van Norden said.  “They ‘get’ it so much better.” There have already been […]

Students march in stilettos to open exhibit

  By Nika Madyoon   Traversing lava fields, navigating the geothermal sites of Iceland and staggering through the sand in the extreme heat of Death Valley are all difficult tasks. Attempting them in red high heels is even more daunting. When Upper School Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke created “Peep Totter Fly,” the installation […]

Students to study rocks, minerals in Death Valley

By Sanjana Kucheria Geology and Geology Honors students will take a field trip to Death Valley from Feb. 20 to Feb. 22. Accompanied by geology teacher Wendy Van Norden, the classes will hike through Death Valley.. “I’m really looking forward to this field trip,” Blaise Ormond ’12 said.