Debate team organizes debateLA Round Robin Challenge

The debate team hosted the annual Harvard-Westlake Debates tournament from Jan. 16 to 20. The event consisted of two separate parts, with the debateLA Round Robin Challenge beginning Jan. 16, and the larger competition commencing Jan. 18. Members of the school’s team were allowed to compete in both competitions but were not permitted to advance […]

Debaters win top speaker awards at Glenbrooks tournament

Four members of the debate team won top speaker awards at the Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament hosted by Glenbrooks High School in Chicago from Nov. 23 to 25. Debater Olivia Feldman ’22 said she felt the squad was successful in presenting convincing arguments regarding the elimination of subsidies for fossil fuels at the Lincoln-Douglas […]

Debaters receive bids to Tournament of Champions

The debate team participated in a tournament at Cal State Long Beach last weekend, with Claire Conner ’23 and Chronicle Features Editor Joanna Im ’20 reaching the quarterfinal rounds. Debate team reaches quarterfinal and octafinal rounds Olivia Feldman ’22 and Allie Landecker ’21, reached the tournament’s octafinals. “I think the biggest thing we’ll be doing […]

Debate team hosts annual tournament

Harvard-Westlake hosted 290 debaters from around the country for its annual tournament, the Harvard-Westlake Debates, an octafinals qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. The four-day event began Jan. 17 and was divided into two tournaments: the debateLA Challenge, a round-robin competition where students can challenge each other to debates and the main event, a Lincoln-Douglas […]

Debaters receive record number of bids to TOC

After the most recent tournaments, the debate team earned a total of 33 bids to the Tournament of Champions, an invitation only- national debate tournament. Five Lincoln-Douglas debaters competed in the annual Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament on Nov. 17-19 in Northbrook, IL. Jaya Nayar ’20 finished second overall, making it to the finals. Samantha […]

Debaters participate in annual Tournament of Champions

Four members of the debate team reached elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky, on April 27-29. Jaya Nayar ’20, Alexandra Mork ’20, Spencer Paul ’19 and Indu Pandey ’18 all cleared to elimination rounds, each with a record of four wins out of six preliminary debates. Nayar, Mork and Paul reached […]

Senior recognized for debate

Debater and Chronicle freelancer Indu Pandey ’18 won the Golden Desert Invitational Tournament at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for Lincoln Douglas debate Feb. 4. Pandey debated for a total of 495 minutes over 11 rounds on whether the plea bargain should be abolished in the U.S. justice system. “We were all really proud […]

School hosts debate tournament

School hosts debate tournament

Harvard-Westlake hosted 320 debaters from 10 different states for a Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate division Octafinals qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. On the first two days of the tournament, 12 of the best debaters in the country competed in the debateLA Challenge. “We try to have a more relaxed event where debaters and judges can […]

In the eye of the storm: Debaters snowed in

The bomb cyclone, an East Coast snowstorm, caused the cancellation of a portion of the Newark Invitational debate tournament, which two students attended from Jan. 5-7. Lauren Morganbesser ’19 and Chronicle staff writer Alexandra Mork ’20 took part in both the tournament and in the invitation-only Round Robin tournament which had been scheduled to take […]

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