Stewart to move back to Seattle, will teach chemistry

Science teacher Chelsea Stewart will leave the school to continue her passion for teaching Chemistry at Lakeside School in her hometown of Seattle, Wash. “I have had a fantastic time at the school and learning the personality and humor of each of my classes,” Stewart said. Since chemistry was one of her favorite subjects as […]

O’Malley to retire after 39 years, pursue screenwriting

After 39 years teaching photography and video art, Upper School Visual Arts Teacher Kevin O’Malley will leave the school at the end of this year to pursue his career as a screenwriter in Maine. O’Malley came to Westlake school before the merger. He believes that teaching the generations of artists during the different stages of […]

Halkett departs from ‘friendly and caring’ community

Upper school history teacher Nini Halkett will be leaving the department after 30 years at the school. She plans to travel to the places she has taught about in AP Human Geography and International Relations, spend time with family and volunteer. “For the most part, [I am retiring] because there are other things that I […]

Neisser to retire, travel the world in his free time

History teacher Ken Neisser will retire after 10 years of teaching at the school in order to relax, spend more time traveling with his wife and pursue interests he did not have time to focus on while teaching. “I want to rejoice in things that I will have time to do,” Neisser said. “I would […]

Schuhl to teach, coach at Thacher School

After 16 years of teaching at the school, science teacher Dietrich Schuhl will be leaving Harvard-Westlake at the end of this year to work at the Thacher School in Ojai, Calif. At Thatcher, he will coach the school’s track, soccer and climbing teams in addition to teaching and advising in the classroom. During his time […]

Hall to retire after 35 years at the school

Visual arts teacher Marianne Hall will retire after 35 years at the school. Hall has taught The History and Art of Modern Europe and The World and Drawing and Painting I, as well as other eleventh and twelfth grade classes. Hall’s favorite part of her work was her students, she said. “It’s really fun to […]

Moore says, ‘every day [was] a new experience’

Performing arts teacher Christopher Moore will be leaving the school this year to what he describes as “semi-retire” in Ashland, Ore. shortly after graduation. In his 26 years at the school, Moore produced student productions and the annual Playwrights Festival. He said the festival was memorable for him because it is so unique for a […]

Thill to teach at the Episcopal School of LA

Math teacher Bill Thill will depart at the end of this year and work as the math department head at the Episcopal School of Los Angeles. At his new school, Thill will be leading his colleagues in restructuring their existing program. “[My new position] is a great opportunity to utilize the things I’ve learned in […]

Tiari leaving to spend more time with family

After just two years as a history teacher at the school, Jennifer Tiari will depart to spend more time with family. “I think I will reevaluate my professional life for the future as to where I go from here,” Tiari said. “I hope to devote my time to my family.” Tiari will continue to study […]

Kwitny looks forward to pursuing new interests

English teacher Jeffrey Kwitny has decided to retire after 17 years, and plans on using his new free time to write novels and pursue new interests. Kwitny joined the community in 2001, after having taught English at La Salle High School for three years prior. Before his time as a teacher, Kwitny was a filmmaker. […]