Prefects implement new minimum price

Prefect Council implemented a new $5 minimum charge on Didax, lowered from $10, on Jan. 15. The change allows students to purchase items from fundraisers and other events at a lower price. Junior Prefect Jonathan Cosgrove ’21 said that Prefect Council revised the minimum after receiving numerous complaints that the $10 was too high. “We […]

Queen Sweep: Chess club distributes shirts

Chess Club distributed shirts to students in the lounge Monday periods three through six. Leaders offered seven base slogans, such as “Trap Queen” and “Rookie Mistake.” They also featured an option to customize the slogan on the back of the shirt in 25 characters or less. Each shirt costs $23.99 on Didax to the buyers’ […]

Teachers use iPads to take roll

A new Didax feature allows teachers to record attendance from any device with internet capabilities through the school website. Before this year, teachers were required to use their school laptops to connect to the Didax program to record attendance. The new feature allows teachers to use devices like smartphones, iPads and other computers to record […]