Assembly phone ban comes into effect

The Upper School Deans announced a new cell phone policy regarding student cell phone use during assemblies following an increase in student distraction during a presentation by Director of Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts Michael Govan on March 20. Students will be monitored for their cell phone use during future assemblies and cellular […]

Battling distractions

Scrolling through posts on Facebook and Tumblr, Hannah Dains ’16 watches the clock as it turns to 11 p.m. She hasn’t done any homework in hours and knows it will be impossible to finish it all during her free periods the next day. Giving up, she decides to go to bed, turning off the lights […]

Catchin' a wave

By Marni Barta Hannah Levitt ’09 wakes up on a week day at 5 a.m. and reaches for her wetsuit rather than her school clothes. Though it is an early start, Levitt doesn’t mind, because it guarantees that she will have a perfect day. Levitt looks forward to mornings she can escape from her monotonous […]