A Whole New World: Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” recasted

As movies begin giving black women a more prominent voice in Hollywood, students comment on how the change impacts them. Most Disney fans envision Ariel as the mermaid princess with red hair, blue eyes and white skin, but in an era that is pushing for more inclusion, Disney is beginning to diversify its casting. In […]

Affinity leaders gather for SLIDE conference

In an effort to encourage cross-cultural collaboration and develop their leadership skills, middle and upper school affinity group leaders convened during the inaugural Student Leadership in Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Conference at the Middle School on May 22. To begin the conference, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Janine Jones gave a speech empowering affinity […]

Diversity Fair attracts 40 independent schools

Faculty, staff and administrators from 43 independent institutions gathered together to participate in the first West Coast Diversity Job Fair on Feb. 23. The fair, which was co-hosted with the Brentwood School, gave an opportunity for participants to discuss their experiences working in independent school environments and promote open job positions to potential educators of […]

Ross implores seniors to prioritize love over hate

Encouraging students to spread love and take action against hate, Head of Upper School Laura Ross addressed seniors in class meeting in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Kroger shooting, mail bombs and the burial of Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was beaten to death 20 years ago, Oct. 30. “I hope that all […]

Middle School hosts Pollyana Conference

The Middle School hosted the second inaugural Pollyanna Conference, in which more than 250 representatives from 16 independent schools convened to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion Oct. 27. This year, attendees addressed how to combat implicit biases within a school environment. “During the conference, we talked about how our implicit biases affect how we teach, […]

Students present on socioeconomic issues

Six attendees of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference gave a presentation on socioeconomic differences during a faculty and staff meeting after school Feb. 27. They discussed how socioeconomic status plays into other elements of diversity. Following the presentation, the students broke up the faculty and staff into smaller groups in order to simulate the actual […]

LAHSO promotes unity, facilitates student discussion

LAHSO promotes unity, facilitates student discussion

The Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization held its second annual Unity Banquet on March 15 after school in Feldman Horn, inviting leaders and members of affinity groups in an effort to promote diversity on campus and unity among the clubs. LAHSO leaders spoke at the banquet, and the club provided food and activities to […]

Seeing past our stars

Every night when I was a toddler, I sat on my couch sandwiched between its corner and my mom as she read me a bedtime story. My favorite story book, “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss, is about two types of creatures distinguished by the presence of stars mark their bellies. Those with stars thought they […]

A Flash From the Past: Alumni and current students look back on the progress of diversity at Harvard-Westlake

A Flash From the Past: Alumni and current students look back on the progress of diversity at Harvard-Westlake

In the spring of 1956, as applications for Harvard School trickled into the admissions office, controversy broke out within the school community. Bothered parents frantically contacted then-headmaster Father William S. Chalmers. What would this change? Would it affect their children? “Inevitably there was concern among some parents and alumni, and people needed time to think […]

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