Prefect Council organizes Fanatic Fest to end Spirit Week

Prefect Council organizes Fanatic Fest to end Spirit Week

Students participated in a western-themed Fanatic Fest at break on Friday, which Prefect Council organized to increase school spirit before Homecoming. To start the Fanatic Fest, math teacher Adam Varney then performed a line dancing routine.  Students also rode a mechanical bull and participated in a dodgeball game  against faculty. The Fanatic Fest culminated a […]

Students compete in dodgeball tourney

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council hosted the second round of games as part of an annual dodgeball tournament March 11. In the final play-in game of the tournament, The Brownies beat the Intimidating Cake Pops. In the first two games of the next round, Team 5DS defeated Kony 2013 and French Toast Mafia beat the Monks. […]

SAAC announces dodgeball games

The annual Student-Athlete Advisory Council sponsored Dodgeball tournament will begin during Monday break on Feb. 4. The games will continue for the next seven Monday breaks, according to an email sent out by SAAC. The tournament has been expanded to include 32 teams instead of 16. Teams must consist of seven students that each include […]

SAAC organizes 24-team dodgeball tournament

By Patrick Ryan A dodgeball tournament sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council began last week and will continue for the next four Mondays before Spring Break. Langston McElroy ’12 and Matt Wolfen ’12 brought up the idea early in the school year. “The biggest goal was to promote SAAC,” McElroy said. “We knew [dodgeball] was […]

SAAC announces dodgeball tournament

By Charlton Azuoma The Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) announced that there will be a dodgeball tournament this year at the Upper School. Although there has been a dodgeball tournament at the Middle School every year for the past six years, the event hasn’t been replicated at the Upper School until now. “Everybody loved the […]