Just finish community service

Two hundred seniors’ names decorate the wall next to Upper School Dean Canh Oxelson’s Chalmers office. If you are one of those seniors, you might want to finish your community service. The deadline is May 2, and if you haven’t completed your requirement by then, unfortunate consequences await. You will have to do more community […]

Be proud of our school

By Eli Haims With 40 seconds left on the clock and 80 yards to go, the Wolverine football team was down by three points. Thirty seconds later, the ball was at the two yard line, with just enough time for two plays. An unsuccessful touchdown attempt was made. With a few seconds left, the kicker […]

Deans start college scavenger hunt

  By Alex Leichenger The deans instituted a “College Knowledge” scavenger hunt for this year’s junior class in an effort to make the college research process more informative and enjoyable. The scavenger hunt was assigned Tuesday of the week before Thanksgiving break. Students in teams of two or three were required to answer 40 questions […]