Changing it up: Dress code to address gender identity

Administrators drafted an altered wording of the school’s Dress Code, which acknowledges gender identity and issues with its enforcement, as a result of complaints from both upper and middle school students. The revised Dress Code was sent to affinity groups via email May 23 and will be printed in the 2017-18 Student Handbook. Conversations about […]

La Femme club hosts town hall to address dress code

La Femme club leaders held a town hall meeting open to all students Tuesday afternoon to discuss the newly enforced dress code with Interim Head of Upper School Liz Resnick. After Resnick informed students and parents of a stricter dress code policy in an email Sept. 28, some students disagreed with its guidelines, which sparked […]

Faculty to further enforce dress code policy

The faculty will begin to enforce the dress code more vigilantly, Interim Head of Upper School Liz Resnick announced in an email to students and parents last Wednesday, sparking controversy among some. Resnick said that as temperatures rose, the faculty felt that students were coming to school in clothes that were not dress code appropriate. […]

Feminism is not a joke

Feminism is not a joke

It’s no longer funny to joke about feminism. Throughout our time at the Upper School, the Class of 2017 has seen a plethora of Facebook wars that have prompted huge controversies on campus for a maximum of a week and then disappear until they can be used conveniently in a joke. The arguments always end […]

Resnick enforces dress code

Interim Head of Upper School Liz Resnick reminded parents and students of the dress code’s parameters and the school’s efforts to ensure that it is implemented in reaction to recent dress code violations, she said in an email Tuesday. “[The dress code] is in place to ensure the learning environment is a professional one for our students, staff […]

Baring it

By Lara Sokoloff Sophomores on the water polo team strutted through the quad during Activities Fair on Monday, Sept. 19, wearing only their Speedos and leaving little up to the imagination. “If I knew it was going to happen, I would have shut it down,” Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra said. “It was cute […]

Retro by design

By Melanie LoveKirstin Purtich ’08 sifts through the racks of reconstructed jersey skirts, bright feather boas and secondhand Boy Scout uniforms at American Vintage on Melrose, her first stop on a Saturday excursion for crepes and to scout out the boutiques that line the boulevard. She comes up empty-handed at American Vintage, but her trip […]