Class of 2016 participates in Ring Ceremony

The Class of 2016 joined together on Ted Slavin Field Sunday evening to receive rings or pins in the annual Ring Ceremony. “We gather today with purpose for a celebration that takes on symbolic significance. The tokens that we will be given represent wholeness and commitment,” senior prefect Adam Yaron ’16 said to open the […]

Science teacher completes credential, will teach chemistry

Heather Audesirk will return to the science department after first coming to the Upper School last spring. Since last teaching, Audesirk has completed her single-subject teaching credential in chemistry at Asuza Pacific University. Audesirk will teach Chemistry and Chemistry Honors in the upcoming year. Before becoming a teacher, she was a tutor for the Harvey […]

Adam Levine: English

Former squash and football coach and English teacher Adam Levine will teach English II and English III: Living America. At the Kent School in Connecticut, Levine taught electives such as detective fiction, music and literature and sophomore, junior and senior English classes. Levine also coached the squash and football teams. Levine is interested in theater […]