The Universal Language of Science

The Universal Language of Science

I was failing English. My five-year-old self (excuse me, my five-and-a-half-year-old self) had guessed as much as I watched my grumpy, frail kindergarten teacher pull my mother aside that chilly spring day. As my eyes darted from word to unrecognizable word on the board before me, the assistant teacher’s face growing more and more disappointed […]

Science teacher asks school to turn off lights for Earth Day

AP Environmental Science students encouraged teachers to turn off classroom lights and not use technology all day to celebrate Earth Day Wednesday. “This reinforces a purpose beyond ourselves as taking care of our Earth is a task that is much bigger than what one individual can achieve,” said upper school science teacher Florence Pi.  “We all […]

Candy, 'WALL-E' screening to kick off Earth Week Monday

Harvard-Westlake will go green next week when the Environmental Club hosts festivities in honor of Green Week . The club plans to expand on their regular Earth Day celebration where they gave away ice cream and candy to raise awareness for Earth Day. This year they hope that a weeklong celebration will help to get […]

Environmental Club organizes Earth Day celebrations, contests to raise awareness

By Erin Moy and Michelle Yousefzadeh The Environmental Club celebrated Earth Day April 22 with  ice cream, posters and stickers with tips about fighting global warming in order to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the environment.  Ice cream was distributed to carpoolers in the quad, and trivia contests were held to expose students to environmental […]

Former English teacher sells canvas bags to Ralphs

Former English teacher Lisa Foster recently sold 100,000 of her environmental-safe bags to Ralphs Grocery Store. Starting April 22, Earth Day, her bags can be purchased at all the Ralphs grocery  stores in Southern California. Her bags will cost $1.50 and for each bag sold, $0.50 will be donated to non-profit organizations. Foster has already […]