Please lay off the college questions

A few days ago I walked into the bookstore to buy “Flatland” for my unweighted Philosophy in Art and Science class. The novel is about a square named A Square, who lives in a two-dimensional world in which everyone appears to be either a line or a point, with only shadowing to imply a person’s […]

Wafflebots compete in scrimmage

The Wafflebots, the combined Robotics class and club team, sent nine students to a scrimmage in which they used a robot designed by last year’s club to throw balls into two separate goals. At the Oct. 5 competition held by Valencia High School, the team faced 20 opponents. “The students learned about the variety of […]

All-school meetings to replace Civitalks

Upper school students will gather in the gym during 20-minute-long breaks on the first and third Wednesdays of each month as a new form of community building, Assistant to the Head of Upper School and Community and Character Committee member Michelle Bracken said. The committee, formerly known as the Character Education Committee, has discontinued Civitalks. […]

Physics teacher writes article for science journal

Upper school physics teacher Antonio Nassar’s article titled “Bohemian Trajectories of Airy Packets” was published in the Annals of Physics Journal this summer. The quantum mechanics article, which discusses the variations in the paths of particles and the influence of the act of observation upon these paths, took him about a year and a half […]

Teachers win cabaret contest

Interdisciplinary studies department head and history teacher Larry Klein and middle school secretary Tim Smith won a song-identifying competition to increase publicity for the final performing arts concert of the year, “Lights, Cabaret, Action!” and received four concert tickets each in addition to their one complimentary faculty ticket each. Performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero hosted […]

Patterson to serve as new Director of External Learning

Dean Jim Patterson will assume the new position of Director of External Learning next year. The job entails “leading and overseeing all the portions of the Harvard-Westlake program that are outside of the traditional academic classroom in some way,” Patterson said. Patterson will work on planning school trips, working with the school’s global initiatives and […]

Students teach kids simple programming

Ethan Gruman ’15 and David Woldenberg ’15 organized a free programming workshop in the student lounge March 22 to teach children ages 8 to 12 how to create simple computer programs. About 35 students attended the workshop. “The class [consisted] of an instructor teaching the kids to create a simple breakout or brick breaker game, […]

HW Works gives students interviewing, résumé advice

More than 10 students attended an internship workshop hosted by the HW Works Internship and Career Network March 12, which aimed to teach students how to present themselves to potential employers. The sessions were focused on writing résumés and performing in interviews. Senior Alumni Officer Harry Salamandra spoke about how HW Works connects students with […]

Parents hold event to benefit financial aid

The Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association hopes to make more than $85,000 from the 2014 Parents’ Gala, “Come Together,” Feb. 22 at the Skirball Guerin Pavilion, Parents Association annual event committee chair Jennifer Lechter (Eliana ’17, Zackary ’19) said. “This year’s auction theme is ‘Priceless’ because we wanted to have items that were hard to get,” Lechter […]

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