APES students travel to Will Rogers Beach

AP Environmental Science students visited Will Rogers Beach on Jan. 10 to collect samples of trash. In class, they analyzed their findings and presented them in lab reports that detailed waste on the beach. Depending on the question they sought to answer in their lab reports, students utilized different methods to collect data about trash […]

Teachers cancel trip to Hawaii

The science trip to Hawaii that was planned for spring break has been cancelled due to lack of student interest, according to chaperone Wendy Van Norden. The trip was open to all upper school students, and students who were interested had to fill out an application by Nov. 20. Applicants were required to write a […]

Nadine Eisenkolb: Science

With more than 10 years of experience in marine and environmental biology, Nadine Eisenkolb joins the Upper School as a new AP Environmental Science teacher. Eisenkolb grew up in a landlocked portion of Germany and became interested in marine and environmental biology during a scuba-diving trip to the Canary Islands. Eisenkolb attended school at the […]