Debate ‘Kant’ be stopped

The debate team continued its success, notching strong performances at the Barkley Forum in Atlanta, Golden Desert tournament and the Harvard-Westlake round robin, while also hosting a national debate tournament. Harvard-Westlake hosted a national debate tournament during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. There were 117 entries, with Shruthi Krishan winning first speaker. The […]

High Stakes: Placing their early bets

Third in our "High Stakes" series examining the college application process during senior year.

High Stakes: Placing their early bets

The Brain: Although Austin* ’16 planned to apply Early Decision to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, he decided against it because it seemed “very limiting and [he] wasn’t sure it was [his] first choice.” Austin struggled with his decision for a while but eventually decided not to waste an opportunity to apply early. “In the […]

Venturing into the big world

With college applications looming and the unavoidable anxiety to press “send” ending, I can’t help but feel nervous. While being Jewish has never posed a problem for me in the Harvard-Westlake community, anti-semitism is a prevalent issue not only in America as a whole but also in our universities. Last week, within hours of Yom […]