Off Balance

Off Balance

Paging through the curriculum guide the spring before freshman year, Diego Ayala ‘18 was disappointed with what he found. Ayala, who said he prefers the social sciences, couldn’t sign up for honors classes in his favorite field. He initially signed up for Geometry Honors and Biology Honors, but regular courses in both history and English. […]

Stephen Thompson: English

Stephen Thompson: English

Stephen Thompson has joined the upper school English department this fall, having completed his doctorate in English requirements in English from Cornell University earlier this year. Thompson will teach English II and AP English Language: Imagined Societies- Utopias and Dystopias. “I’m really excited to talk about books with students,” Thompson said.” For a long time, […]

English teacher to depart from school after two years

Part-time English teacher Mahshid Feiz ’92 will leave at the end of this school year. For the last two years, Feiz taught English III: Living America. One of the main reasons for her departure was the fact that she only held a part-time job, teaching one section of juniors, Feiz said. “I have a very […]

Seniors react to new English program

The English curriculum for seniors has been expanded this year, receiving appreciation from students. Students can choose from seven courses to satisfy their English requirement. The revamped program allows them to select from one of the three AP Literature courses, three AP Language courses or a Shakespeare course. Under the prior program, options for seniors […]

Former substitute teacher hired to teach English full time

Darcy Cosper will return to the Upper School English department as a full-time teacher this year after previously filling in as a substitute last semester for Maura Roosevelt. Cosper has also substituted for English teachers Eric Schrode in 2008 and Laurence Weber in 2010. Over the summer, Cosper started an online literary magazine called the […]

English teacher comes back to school after year of writing

Former teacher Ariana Kelly will return to the English department this fall after one year away from school. Kelly departed from the school following the 2014 school year in order to complete her debut non-fiction book, “Phone Booth,” set to release Sept. 15. “I spent the majority of my time away from school researching and […]

Adam Levine: English

Former squash and football coach and English teacher Adam Levine will teach English II and English III: Living America. At the Kent School in Connecticut, Levine taught electives such as detective fiction, music and literature and sophomore, junior and senior English classes. Levine also coached the squash and football teams. Levine is interested in theater […]

Gender Studies class offered again next year

A class entitled Ethics and Culture: Gender Studies in Science, Philosophy and History will be offered again next year. “In a sense, my class is what the gender studies course has always been, however, there is a common view that gender must mean feminism,” Malina Mamigonian said. “Gender is a social construction and feminism (though […]

English department to offer choices for AP

The English department will replace AP Literature and AP Language with six English electives for seniors next year. “Students still will choose first between AP Lit and AP Lang—distinct studies, the former focusing more on the language of character and experience and the latter more on the language of argument and persuasion,” Upper School English […]