LA city officials seek to alleviate homelessness

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant economic hardship in Los Angeles, the homeless population has increased by 12.7%, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services. City officials and social service organizations, such as Homeless Health Care (HHC),  are currently focusing their resources to fight the dual crises of homelessness and COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, […]

Homelessness rates rise in the valley due to a lack of affordable housing

Amidst the new artisan coffee shops and boutique clothing stores that opened along Ventura Boulevard this year, the San Fernando Valley’s homeless population continues to rise. Despite an overall decrease in Los Angeles’ homeless population, the number of people experiencing homelessness in the valley increased by five percent, according to the 2018 Los Angeles Homelessness […]

Alumni make strides in government roles

With news of nearly daily firings coming from the White House and Congress struggling to pass major legislation, school alumni have experienced mixed success in their own bids for political office. Reelected Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ’88 won his March election by a landslide, and newly minted LAUSD School Board member Nick Melvoin ’04 […]

Celebration marks 25th anniversary of first merged graduating class

Celebration marks 25th anniversary of first merged graduating class

Parents, alumni and faculty watched musical performers, took pictures and danced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first graduating class after the merger yesterday at the Middle School. Tom Hudnut, former President of Harvard-Westlake and Headmaster of Harvard School, discussed why he chose to merge the two schools, as well as his experience with students in the […]

Conservative students request a speaker to better represent their political interests

Saying she feels overwhelmed and judged in a community that is predominantly liberal, a sophomore girl, who identifies as conservative, is attempting to bring a conservative guest speaker to the school. The student, who wished to remain anonymous because she was uncomfortable publicizing her political views, said hosting a conservative speaker would be a logical […]

Eric Garcetti ’88 wins second term as L.A. Mayor

Incumbent Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ’88 won reelection Tuesday in an election marked by low turnout. Garcetti decisively defeated his 10 challengers, earning approximately 81 percent of the vote. Garcetti campaigned on his record as mayor, which included raising the minimum wage and lowering business taxes. Garcetti was endorsed by former President Barack Obama […]

Students to work with City Council

The Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Council selected four sophomores as new members of the group. Eshanika Chaudhary ’17, Chasia Jefferies ’17, Lauren Kim ’17 and Nathaniel Wall ’17 will become council representatives for the West Valley area. They will learn about city issues and meet with elected officials to make recommendations to the Los Angeles […]

Mayor Eric Garcetti '88 urges students to help city

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ’88 urged students to help the city and “be the angels of the City of Angels” as the Brown Family Speaker at an assembly March 23. “In many ways you are on the most beautiful island there is: Harvard-Westlake, but it is not isolated, and you must swim to shore […]

Garcetti to speak at assembly March 23

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ’88 will be featured as this year’s Brown Family Speaker during assembly March 23. Garcetti graduated from Columbia University as a John Jay Scholar in 1992. He studied at London School of Economics was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He also taught international affairs at the University of Southern […]

Collins stands up, stands out

The alumni base at our school is chockfull of outstanding men and women, from promising politicians like Eric Garcetti ’88 to Oscar nominees like Jake Gyllenhaal ’98, Jason Reitman ’95 and Shirley Temple ’45, but three names stand out most to me — Sally Ride ’69, Dara Torres ’88 and now Jason Collins ’97. Ride […]