Korean exchange students visit campus

Two exchange students from Ewha Girls’ High School in South Korea visited the school and attended classes Friday to experience daily life in the United States. Because the exchange students both plan to pursue higher education in South Korea, Photography Editor Caitlin Chung ’20 and her family organized the students’ trip to California for a […]

Chinese students experience campus life

Chinese students experience campus life

Eight students from the World Leading Schools Association in Shanghai, China visited the Upper School for 13 days from Jan. 29 to Feb. 10 with the goal of deepening their knowledge of American society and the English language. During their stay, the students lived with host families. The students shadowed their hosts in classes throughout […]

School cancels this year's Japanese exchange program

Japanese exchange students from Tamagawa Gakuen, a K-12 school near Tokyo, will not be visiting the school this year. Japanese teacher Julie Dair has been in charge of the exchange, including organizing the housing of the Tamagawa students since 2001. However, she is unable to do so this year because she will be on maternity […]