Letter from the Editors

We appreciate this feedback, and we encourage members of the community to send Letters to the Editor expressing any concerns for future issues. While the article is the opinion of one staff member and not of the entire paper, the decision to publish the piece was made by the Managing Team as a whole. We […]

Letter to the Editors: A call for integrity on reporting about students with extended time

Biological diversity is not only real, it is an imperative for the survival of any species. Little phenotypical or genotypical idiosyncrasies that may seem minor in the moment can mean the difference between adaptation and extinction during a drastic change in environmental conditions. For humans, variations in melanin, hair texture, height, skeletal shape and other […]

'There is always extended time in life'

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees extra testing time for students diagnosed with certain conditions, some students believe extended time to be an unfair advantage. “There‚Äôs no extended time in life,” a senior said. This senior is not the only one who has strong opinions about the subject. Other students agree with the notion […]

Time and time again

Skylar* hunched over her Spanish test in the Silent Study room, stymied by an unfamiliar vocabulary word in a free response question. “One of the penalties of having extended time is that if you have a question about the test, you just have to suck it up,” Skylar said. Under the federal Americans with Disabilities […]