Letter from the Editors

We appreciate this feedback, and we encourage members of the community to send Letters to the Editor expressing any concerns for future issues. While the article is the opinion of one staff member and not of the entire paper, the decision to publish the piece was made by the Managing Team as a whole. We […]

Letter to the Editors: A call for integrity on reporting about students with extended time

Biological diversity is not only real, it is an imperative for the survival of any species. Little phenotypical or genotypical idiosyncrasies that may seem minor in the moment can mean the difference between adaptation and extinction during a drastic change in environmental conditions. For humans, variations in melanin, hair texture, height, skeletal shape and other […]

Start putting extra time to the test

Start putting extra time to the test

As many students struggle to bubble in all of their answers while taking the infamously time-crunched ACT, some are given between 50 and 100 percent more time to complete the exam. These students are recipients of extra time: a system created with the intent of equalizing the playing field for test-takers with learning disabilities. Unfortunately, […]

Girls’ tennis wins first league match

By David Kolin   Starting out its season with a 2-2 overall record and a league record of 1-0, the girls’ tennis team won its first league match of the season 14-4 against Notre Dame High School. This year, the coaches are emphasizing effective communication between doubles partners, and dependable, reliable strokes, captain Alanna Klein […]

Staying home for sanity's sake

  By Ingrid Chang and Jordan Freisleben On a Tuesday morning, Leah* ’11 called in sick for the day. However, it wasn’t a fever that was plaguing her, but rather the stress of junior year. She proceeded to spend the day catching up on sleep, relaxing and getting ahead on homework. For Leah, mental health […]

Auditioning for college acceptances

By Jamie Kim At the beginning of fifth period, Caroline Chien ’09 begins to unpack a cello on the bottom floor of Chalmers. In a small practice room labeled Studio 2 usually reserved for small jazz sectionals, Chien practices for two straight periods. On her stand rests a pile about an inch thick of sheet […]

FAC endorses 4-day break for fall 2009

By Marni Barta Come October, sophomores are still adjusting to the new atmosphere of the Upper School, juniors are stressing out under more rigorous schedules and seniors are missing classes to visit colleges.  The deans have begun brainstorming a solution to these problems: a four-day weekend in October.  The Faculty Advisory Committee approved the concept […]

Midterm testing schedule changes for extended time

By Max Rifkind-Barron In a move to better serve the needs of students who take extended time testing, the administration has formulated a new schedule for midterms that will integrate those students with regular time students, Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said. In what Bracken described as a “trial run,” all […]