Chinese teacher Zhou will retire, continue scholarship next year

When some people retire, they play golf,  watch television and play with their grandkids. Chinese teacher Qinru Zhou, however, plans to fill his life after teaching with even more scholarly pursuit. “Leaving from the school is just changing track from ‘working with an institute’ to ‘working on one’s own will,’” Zhou said. “Fortunately, I am […]

‘Conscientious teacher’ Shield to leave after 24 years

After her 24th year of teaching French at Harvard-Westlake, Marilyn Shield will retire to participate in her Unitarian Universalist Church choir and spend more time with her husband and their dog Sammi. “I thought it was time to turn over a new leaf in life,” Shield said. She said she will miss her daily routine […]

Educator talks to faculty about use of technology

Tom Vander Ark, the author of “Getting  Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World,” was to visit campus and speak to faculty on Tuesday afternoon. After extensive research, Director of Studies Liz Resnick selected Ark because he is a proponent of technology in education, which the school is trying to embrace. “It seemed like […]

FAC urges consistency on Honor Code affirmation procedure

The Faculty Academic Committee encouraged standard guidelines for the signing of the Honor Code affirmation in its meeting Tuesday, Feb. 5. The committee, comprised of department heads, meets monthly to discuss potential curricular and academic changes and recommends policies to the administration. At the beginning of the school year, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas […]

Amato visits Qatar to develop model for new co-ed school

Vice President John Amato made a presentation to a committee planning a new school in Qatar earlier this month, showcasing  Harvard-Westlake as an ideal model. Amato flew to Qatar per the invitation of the RAND Corporation, whose mission is “to focus on the issues that matter most such as health, education, national security, international affairs, […]

Psychiatrist gives brain development presentation to joint faculty meeting

Dr. Daniel Siegel gave a presentation to a joint faculty meeting Oct. 16 about the neuroscience behind learning. The two-hour after school presentation, titled “The Impact of Education on Development of the Brain during Adolescence,” covered topics such as the “neuroplasticity of the human brain” and how to increase student attention, Director of Studies Elizabeth […]

First HWPA gathering provides time to look back on Hudnut’s career

In his final First General Meeting of the Parents’ Association, President Thomas C. Hudnut reflected on his life, from his experiences as a young student to this past summer watching his son play water polo at the 2012 Olympics on Sept. 19. Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts also paid tribute to Hudnut’s leadership in the […]

Under Obamacare, companies may follow school’s health policy

If the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), better known as “Obamacare,” is allowed to continue to full effect by whoever wins the presidential election, more companies may institute self-funded employee health insurance plans similar to the one that governs Harvard-Westlake faculty and staff. Unlike many other schools, the Harvard-Westlake faculty healthcare plan, which […]

International journal publishes teacher's paper

Upper School science teacher Dr. Antonio Nassar published his fifty-fifth research paper on quantum mechanics in the International Journal of Physics. His paper is about dissipation in quantum mechanics, or friction at the microscopic level. Nassar’s paper, “Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation Around Classical Trajectories,” went through a review process in which an […]

New faces on campus: Christopher Jones

Having endured freezing winters his entire life, Upper School Dean Christopher Jones is looking forward to a California winter. “You get to a point where that cold really gets in your bones and you kind of can’t thaw out,” Jones said. In July, Jones moved with his wife and two daughters (7 year old Avery […]

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