Prefect Council organizes Fanatic Fest to end Spirit Week

Prefect Council organizes Fanatic Fest to end Spirit Week

Students participated in a western-themed Fanatic Fest at break on Friday, which Prefect Council organized to increase school spirit before Homecoming. To start the Fanatic Fest, math teacher Adam Varney then performed a line dancing routine.  Students also rode a mechanical bull and participated in a dodgeball game  against faculty. The Fanatic Fest culminated a […]

Fanatics rally community at Spirit Week assembly

Fanatics rally community at Spirit Week assembly

The Head Fanatics organized Fanatic Fest Friday morning in Taper Gym to rally the community. A sword swallower, plumes of fire and streamers increased excitement in the lead-up to Saturday’s Homecoming festivities. The pep rally concluded Spirit Week, during which a stilt walker visited the campus and the Kogi and Nitropod ice cream trucks served students tacos and […]

Stand behind our team

Homecoming week kicked off with a strong turnout at the first-ever Homecoming Formal. This time around, it seemed like the warning bells were finally heard, and the night went off without a hitch. For one night, we were normal highschoolers — our school gym was transformed into a dance floor, our suits were adorned with […]

Pep rally location changed to Taper Gym

The Fanatic Fest pep rally will now be mandatory and held in Taper Gym Oct. 4, rather than in the quad as previously decided by the prefects and Head Fanatics. The prefects and Head Fanatics originally decided to make the pep rally, which is traditionally held in Taper every year, a non-mandatory event held in […]

What does it mean to be a Fanatic?

On the back of every Fanatics shirt, an illustration of President Tom Hudnut proclaims with a grin, “We like sportz and we don’t care who knowz.” During Homecoming, Fanatics’ time to shine, the varsity squad dropped their six-point lead halfway through the third quarter and droves of people evacuated the stands. Even before we lost the lead, […]

Students dress up for Fanatic Fest

Prefect Council is holding the annual school Fanatic Fest at the Upper School this week. Each day of the week has a unique theme set by the representatives to bolster school spirit in anticipation of Homecoming on Saturday, Oct. 27. The Prefects informed all upper school students of Fanatic Fest via email on Oct. 18. […]