Staying Sustainable

Students and teachers comment on fast fashion, the impact it has had on the environment and ways to avoid it. As she browsed the clothing racks of the Salvation Army store, Cameron Herring ’21 searched for a piece that was both unique and trendy. The thrift store provided easy and affordable finds, which aligned with […]

Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion

Fashion is not only about beauty and design, but it has a deeper meaning and impact for Bianca Garfinkle ’20, Jakob Adler ’20, and Juliet Colitre ’21. Acting as a means of self-expression, it can provide the ability to outwardly express their personality and feelings. The students said fashion helps to better their lives on […]

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

Genie Kilb ’17 had only ever been exposed to the fantastical world of fashion design represented in magazines and videos of runway shows. The summer before junior year, she realized that the fashion world wasn’t quite as sexy as she had expected. “It’s a lot different than I imagined it,” Kilb said. “It’s a lot […]

Gone in a Flash

Julia Safir ’15 cut out golden tattoos from a sheet. She took off the clear plastic cover on top of the design and placed it face down on her arm. Safir put a wet cloth over the design and held it there for 30 seconds. After peeling off the sheet, a shiny constellation of tattoos […]

Ditch fashion homophobia

Wearing “skinny” jeans, which is the nickname for tightly-fitted jeans, is a purely personal choice, as with any decision to wear any type of clothing. Thus, students who berate other students for wearing skinny jeans are attacking them personally. To create a Facebook group like “Students Against Skinny Jeans” demonstrates the extent to which seniors […]

Prefects urge unity and participation

Ahead of us is a new year that is filled with opportunities and has the potential to be great.  This gives us infinite possibilities to build on our successes from last year and create a community that is even stronger.  We, as the newly named Prefect Council, aim to do this by collaborating with the […]

Teen Vogue article features alumna in October issue

Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim ’06, daughter of actress Cybil Shepherd, was featured in the October issue of “Teen Vogue.” The article also included her twin brother Zack Shepherd-Oppenheim. The twins talked about their taste in fashion and Zack’s clothing business with Sonny Bjornson ’06. The twins both bargain hunt and frequently shop at their neighborhood Goodwill. Ariel […]