It’s the little things that matter

Couples shouldn’t need a specific day as a reminder to show love. If they do, they probably won’t last until the next Valentine’s Day. The cute notes, saying “I love you,” the sweet gestures and small presents to show you care should happen regardless of a holiday and, to be honest, the gestures all seem […]

Valentine’s dance to raise funds for vision-impaired children

Prefect Council allowed the first 50 people that signed the Whiteout pledge on Monday to pie them in the face during break to encourage students to attend the dance. Excluding black lights and neon decorations, students will be immersed in complete darkness for Prefect Council’s Valentine’s Day themed dance, Whiteout, on Feb. 16 from 7:30 […]

Senior class gift to give scholarships

The Class of 2013 will donate to the Thomas C. Hudnut Scholar Endowed Fund for its Senior Class Gift, Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church announced. The fund will provide scholarships for six students every year, one student in each grade, to expand the financial aid program. The Senior Gift Committee led a vote for […]

Seniors put together mock semiformal

The class of 2013 dressed up in formal attire, danced and played sparkling cider pong on the quad as a part of mock semiformal Feb. 4 in an effort to retain the spirit of the dance while commemorating their senior year. Semiformal was cancelled in 2011. This is the second year seniors have held an […]

Tabletop signs change

To fight littering on the quad, new signs have been installed with the slogan “A clean school is a happy school.” The new slogan replaced the previous phrasing “Most people clean up after themselves.” The signs are part of a joint ongoing effort between Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas and the Prefect Council to […]

Teachers from 60 classes showcase courses at Academic Fair in quad

Students browsed courses for next year and spoke with teachers as part of the Academic Fair this past Monday during activities period. Tables were set up on the quad for 60 classes. Teachers were allowed to give students an overview of what their classes entails and answer questions on homework load, difficulty, number of tests […]

Trustees raise tuition for 2013-14 year

Tuition for the 2013-2014 school year will rise three percent from $31,350 to $32,300, at the same rate as inflation, Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin said. Chair of the Board of Trustees Christine Hazy (Steven ’00, Charissa ’03, Trenton ’05, Courtney ’11) officially announced next year’s tuition last Monday in a re-enrollment letter made available […]

'Hunting' for the best education in the digital age

I celebrated my first “I’m a Second Semester Senior so I Can Watch a Random Full-Length Movie on a Weekday Instead of Doing Homework” night last week. The first movie on my list was “Good Will Hunting,” so I treated myself to two hours of Matt Damon’s exaggerated Bostonian accent. The movie tells a story […]

Cupid’s arrow is not so painful

When we are children, on Valentine’s Day we give cards to every child in our class, even though some are clearly infected with cooties. We are taunted by students that think writing out a full sentence on a card means you have a “crush” on someone.  As teenagers and adults we give flowers and chocolate […]

Anti-war activist to speak on Laos

Anti-war activist and author Fred Branfman will speak to students about his research on Laos on Feb. 25 in Ahmanson Hall during activities period. Branfman played his role in U.S. history by informing Congress of the U.S. government’s secret bombings of Laos during the Vietnam War. He later wrote several books on the Indochina War. […]