Lucy Kim ’19 studies political uprisings in South Korea

In an effort to discover South Korea’s history and learn more about the culture that her family grew up in, Lucy Kim ’19 traveledmet Na Kyung Taek, a famous photographer who risked his life to take photos of the Gwangju Uprising, and interviewed Spokesperson Kim Hyun, who was a major figure for the Democratic Party […]

Andie Cook ’19 studies the history of Kibbutz

Andie Cook ’19 traveled to Israel to study the history of the Kibbutz, an agricultural community, after receiving the HWGo! Junior Summer Fellowship. Cook chose to visit Israel in order to connect with her Jewish ancestors, who created the Kibbutz, she said. Cook also saw Jerusalem during her trip and said she noticed a distinct difference […]

Charlie Ewell ’19 documents Mongolian music traditions

Charlie Ewell ’19 traveled to Mongolia this summer to document musical traditions of the Mongolian people through the HWGo! program’s summer fellowship. Ewell travelled to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region under the People’s Republic of China as well as Outer Mongolia. Some traditions Ewell focused on included throat singing and the morin khufu, a stringed instrument. […]

Kind ‘sole’: junior uses fellowship funds to send donated shoes to youth in Senegal

Kind ‘sole’: junior uses fellowship funds to send donated shoes to youth in Senegal

Alec Katz ’19 received the Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, a grant that supports entrepreneurial ideas by providing mentors and financial support, and hosted a shoe drive this past week for underprivileged youth in Senegal to initiate his business, Soles4Good. Soles4Good ships shoes to Senegal’s street-youth, also known as the Talibés, and provides them funds to start […]

Patterson discusses Brownstein fellowship

Director of Kutler Center and Summer Programs Jim Patterson presented gap year fellowship opportunities to the senior class Jan 5. Patterson played a video to explain the history of the Brownstein fellowship. Following the video, Jordan Brown ’16, recipient of the Brownstein fellowship, spoke to the senior class about her experiences and strongly advised students […]

Keila McCabe ’20 teaches art in the Dominican Republic

Keila McCabe ’20 teaches art in the Dominican Republic

To share her passion for art, Keila McCabe ’20 taught children’s workshops in Consuelo, Dominican Republic for eight days while on her HWGo! Latin America and Iberian Studies Fellowship this summer. While abroad, McCabe worked in a baseball academy, where she interacted daily with the local children.  In addition, McCabe collected and donated art supplies. […]

Gaulke wins CCF Fellowship for Visual Arts

Upper School Visual Arts Head Cheri Gaulke won the California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts award for a successful career in performance art. The award, funded by the CCF, has provided artists funds to build their careers since 1988. The foundation has given $2.5 million to over 250 artists working in Los Angeles. Gaulke […]

Student to work, teach, volunteer on 4 continents

Instead of traveling to New York this fall to start at Cornell University, Eojin Choi ’14 will travel to Nepal to start her gap year. Choi, who is one of the winners of this year’s Brownstein Fellowship, will spend time in four different countries over the course of her travels. In Nepal, Choi will work […]

2 students to receive Iberian, Latin-American Studies Fellowship for summer immersion

Two students will be awarded the new Iberian and Latin-American Studies Fellowship this spring for summer studies in the Spanish-speaking world, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts announced in an email to students Monday. Similar to the Gunter Gross Asia Initiative, the Iberian and Latin American Studies Fellowship encourages students to “focus and extend what we […]