Four film festival judges selected

The Harvard-Westlake Film Festival has selected four of the judges for its March 15 event. Cheri  Gaulke, the Upper School Visual Arts Department Head, said there would be additional judges added later on. The four judges selected are Janet Scott Batchler (Corin Batchler ’14, Sabrina Batchler ’15), Roger Corman, Norman Lear (Madeline Lear ’13) and […]

‘Cell phones rule’ in student film

By Daniel Rothberg More than 35 students stood dressed in desert garb in the Feldman-Horn Art Center plaza, ready to recreate a segment from the film “Indiana Jones.” The scene was filmed as part of an Advanced Video Art I project called “If Cell Phones Ruled the World.” Students from the video art class used […]

Seniors step in for cinema studies teacher

By Reina Factor The customary pranks played on unsuspecting substitute teachers would not work on these Cinema Studies substitutes.  They had taken time out of their own class schedule to teach the class.  Although they had been pupils just a period ago, as sixth period began, seniors Drew Foster and Max Grey took charge of […]