Relating movies to life: enduring quarantine through film

Relating movies to life: enduring quarantine through film

Growing up, I was always a TV show kind of gal. My parents never encouraged me to watch movies as a young child. My first PG-13 movie was actually at age thirteen and it was “The Devil Wears Prada.” Although a classic in the eyes of a 13-year-old girl, it was no quintessential cultural learning […]

A Whole New World: Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” recasted

As movies begin giving black women a more prominent voice in Hollywood, students comment on how the change impacts them. Most Disney fans envision Ariel as the mermaid princess with red hair, blue eyes and white skin, but in an era that is pushing for more inclusion, Disney is beginning to diversify its casting. In […]

Westflix hosts professional filmmakers, speakers

Westflix hosts professional filmmakers, speakers

Bo Burnham, a comedian, writer and director of the movie “Eighth Grade,” spoke about his experience in the entertainment industry at the annual Westflix festival March 15. Five upper school student films screened at the event among 16 other films produced by student directors across California. The event, which took place at the ArcLight Cinemas […]

Filmmakers in a Gray Area

Jack Safir ’19 and Kat Swander ’19 won the Teen Press HERO Award for their short documentary entitled “Gray Areas” after their visit to Tijuana, Mexico and the United States border with Mexico. “Gray Areas” marks the second consecutive HERO finalist award that has been received by students. The festival, in which winners of the […]

Alumna’s film chosen as a finalist in film festival

A short film written by Nicole Bahar ’18 was selected as a finalist for the People’s Choice Award in the MY HERO International Film Festival. The film, Āmrikā, follows an Iranian-American teen girl as she travels to Iran, her country of origin, to gather citizens’ opinions about America and to contrast Middle Eastern stereotypes. Bahar’s mentor […]

Gaulke to screen short film at DTLA Film Festival

Visual arts teacher Cheri Gaulke produced and directed Gloria’s Call, a short film that will be screening at the Downtown Film Festival of Los Angeles Film Festival on Oct. 21. film festivals in Michigan and internationally in Croatia and England, Gaulke said she’s excited to have a showing so close to home.  Gaulke will discuss her […]

Taking the World by Nord-Storm

Taking the World by Nord-Storm

Looking through the monitor of his Canon 80D, award-winning filmmaker Jack Nordstrom ’19 filmed as the license plate of his grandfather’s Jeep Wagoneer faded into the distance, signaling the closing shot of his original short film “Old Bloo.” Nordstrom said he first started filming on iMovie when he was about six years old and is […]

Students showcase films at SCREEN Festival

Student videographers Becca Frischling ’19, Xenia Bernal ’19, Kyle Reims ‘21 and Angel Hoyang ’18 will be showcasing films “Peace by Piece: The Story of Harry Davids” and “From Farm to Cup” at the second annual Screen Student Documentary Festival Feb. 25. 12 documentaries were chosen out of over 230 submissions to be screened at […]

Students attend film screening

Students attended a screening of “The Hunting Ground” Monday at 3:30 p.m. in Ahmanson Lecture Hall. The screening was requested by a student. The movie is a documentary about the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. The creators of the film believe that colleges do not adequately address sexual assault cases as they should. […]

Video art teachers conduct interviews with 10 juniors for next year’s film festival directors

Video art teachers conducted interviews May 18 to select next year’s senior film festival directors, who will be announced this week. Ten juniors applied for the position. “We’re looking for people that are very organized because there’s lots of things to manage, like the submissions,” Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke said. “We get over […]

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