Applaud student art

by Dana Glaser I’m an artist, not a dancer or an athlete, and art appreciation can be more of an awkward business. It’s like opening a gift while the person giving it watches over your shoulder: you can exclaim you love it and smile until your face breaks but the giver can almost always tell […]

Break proposal has potential

Yes, we realize we’ve been hard on them in the past; we all have. No, we’re not taking any bribes or favors under the table, nor have our kneecaps been threatened with baseball bates by their infamous “Prefect Goons.” We all remember the outrage when Student Council was joined with the Honor Board. We remember […]

Senior's compass points West

By Emily Friedman Colin Weidmann’s ’08 first day of college will go something like this: He will be woken up at 5 a.m. He will have half an hour to prepare for over an hour of physical training. Breakfast will be at 7:30. He will have more training and classes from 8:30 to 12:45 followed […]

Celebrate good times

By Araine Lange The ample whining which met the “cancellation” of Champions Day when in fact no day had ever been promised was clearly not well thought out. Suddenly, the same students who go apoplectic when a teacher moves a test date up were complaining that there was no administration-sanctioned ditch day. In what way […]