Benefits of our broad education

Benefits of our broad education

As the summer before my sophomore year drew to a close, I fumbled through the Harvard-Westlake student portal and finally succeeded in viewing my schedule for the coming year. One thought immediately popped in my head: Why so much math and science? I’ve always been interested in the humanities and I have no intention of […]

Students studying abroad in France are safe from attacks

The students studying at School Year Abroad in Rennes, France are safe following the attacks on Paris Nov. 13. Katie Schlesinger ’17, Sophia Dienstag ’17 and Danielle Kaye ’17 confirmed that they were safe in Rennes, which is about 40 minutes away from Paris. “I was actually planning on going to Paris [today] with some friends, […]

A Home Away From Home

Marine Corporal Aaron P. Mankin was critically injured May 11, 2005 while serving in Iraq when his assault vehicle rolled over and exploded. Mankin suffered burns on over 25 percent of his body. His ears, nose and mouth were gone along with two fingers on his right hand. Mankin became the first participant in Operation […]

Thanksgiving with a cultural twist

Families with recent ties to other countries and cultures celebrate Thanksgiving, the traditional American holiday, by combining the spirit of gratitude and goodwill with their own celebratory foods and traditions.   Norway There is no sweet potato pie in Norway, and, in 2005, there were only two flavors of ice cream: vanilla and Neapolitan. Considering […]

Katya Konkol: France

Katya Konkol  ’13, the official winner of the Junior Summer Fellowship, traveled to cities and rural villages across France to study the impact of water pollution on places including Paris, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Nazaire, Nantes, La Rochelle, Cerbère, and Nice. “I think this experience has made me less afraid to do things I’ve never done before,” Konkol […]