US Back-to-School moves to Sept. 22

Upper School Back-to-School Day was moved to Sept. 22 due to the second installment of “Carmageddon” 405 freeway closures between the 10 and 101 freeways. The 405 will be closed on Sept. 29 and 30 in order to continue the expansion of the Mulholland Drive bridge, dubbed “Carmageddon II,” according to the Los Angeles County […]

Learn from others' mistakes

By Camille Shooshani My first thought after ramming the hood of my car into an Audi S5 at 30 mph was “I’m going to be late for school.” A few seconds later, after I felt the the full impact of what had just happened, I started to panic. I pulled over as carefully as I […]

Rules of the road

by Hana Al-Henaid Since my first journey to 3700 Coldwater Canyon more than three years ago, I’ve always known I was a bit different. Joining the school as a sophomore only compounded to my feeling that I wasn’t quite like everyone else. Now, as a wizened senior, I realize the time has come to address […]