School mates

By Meagan Wang Whether it’s walking to school together, discussing homework or just sitting across a lunch table, its not just students, but also teachers who forge lasting friendships on campus. Terry Barnum and Rodger Guerrero Athletic Director Terry Barnum sat at a table under the scoreboard outside Taper Gymnasium on the Ted Slavin Field. […]

Expanding horizons

By Austin Block I have one year left of high school, and I have resolved to make the most of it. I’m going to do everything. I’m ready to try anything. I’m determined to strengthen my friendships as much as possible. I’m trying to be warm in my interactions with everyone. I’m making the effort […]

Foster bonds through retreat

Why do only lower school students get the privilege of a four-day October vacation? Upper schoolers need a retreat just as much, if not more, than their junior high counterparts. A campus-wide retreat would foster an environment filled with a sense of community rather than competition, which this campus clearly needs if we reexamine this […]

Junior plays host to interfaith Shabbat dinner

Daniel Meer ’08 hosted an interfaith Shabbat dinner, bringing Jewish teenagers from Harvard-Westlake and Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue together with members of the Faith in Action club. Intended to create friendships among diverse groups, the evening began with a community service opportunity at the Jewish Home for the Aging, where students led Friday night services.— […]