Faculty showcase artwork in Feldman-Horn Gallery

Faculty showcase artwork in Feldman-Horn Gallery

Faculty and staff displayed their art in Feldman-Horn Gallery from Nov. 4 to 20. Students in Video Art II and III also created media art with the theme “Time Over Space” for the first 3D media art showcase, which is being displayed from Dec. 9 to 13. Faculty display artwork to community Visual arts teacher […]

Best in the West: Character designer displays work, discusses movie

Writer, designer and visual artist Mark “Crash” McCreery spoke to students about the creative process behind “Rango,” an animated Western comedy film that first premiered in 2011, Feb. 25. To complement his visit, McCreery also displayed designs of his work in a solo exhibition at the Feldman-Horn Art Gallery before the screening. The showcase, which […]

Seniors to exhibit art in gallery

Graduating seniors will present their artwork to students, parents and faculty at the Senior Art Show Tuesday in the Feldman-Horn Gallery from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The exhibit will be “salon-style,” covering every inch of the gallery wall, and will feature drawings, paintings, sculptures and ceramics crafted by senior art students. The gallery viewing […]

Photo III show closes today in Feldman-Horn

Today is the last chance to see the winter showcase of the seven seniors in Photography III in the Feldman-Horn Gallery. Photography teacher Kevin O’Malley designed the students’ assignments. He taught most of the Photography III students in Photography II. “[O’Malley] gives us a lot of freedom to figure out what we want to do, […]

Art classes display portraits in gallery

Large sketches created by the Drawing and Painting I class were taken down from the walls of Rugby Hall on Dec. 12, to be replaced by artwork from the Drawing and Painting II class. Drawing and Painting II students, whose work is now showing, have been studying concepts from the Expressionist and Cubist movements. They […]