Rock on: Geology students travel to Death Valley

Rock on: Geology students travel to Death Valley

As the third of three separate trips this year, Geology and Geology Honors students traveled to Death Valley National Park from March 1-3 to further their knowledge about earth science. “The trip definitely helped me learn about geology because I was able to see the things in real life,” Geology student Lexie Warlick ’21 said. […]

Nancy Chen: Geology

Nancy Chen joined the upper school Science Department as a Geology and Geology Honors teacher this year, replacing Wendy Van Norden. Previously, Chen was a teaching associate at California State University, Fullerton. There, Chen helped develop course curriculum for Geology courses and supervised introductory classes. Chen also taught at the Breakthrough Learning Center, a tutoring […]

School reviews claims of cheating

The Honor Board Review Committee is considering whether to bring any students before the Honor Board after a cheat sheet was discovered at the end of the last Geology midyear assessment in December. All Geology and Geology Honors students had to retake a section of that exam Jan. 6 and 7. Geology teacher Wendy Van […]

Geology trip to Death Valley postponed due to rain

The second trip for all Geology and Geology Honors students has been postponed because of the rain forecasted for Friday. Instead of leaving school on the morning of Friday Feb. 28, students and teachers attending will leave on Saturday March 1 and return to Los Angeles the night of Monday March 3, which will cause them to […]

Medical student shares experience with students

By Michelle Yousefzadeh Lauren Wolchok, the daughter of middle school science teacher Sandra Wolchok, spoke to upper school students last Wednesday about her experiences as an undergraduate at Harvard University and at UCLA Medical School. Wolchok majored in geology at Harvard and took two years off before entering medical school. Wolchok offered to answer any […]